US: Monthly deaths due to all causes

According to the data from the CDC’s website on the causes of death in the US, there are almost 54,000 people dying every month from heart disease and almost 50,000 dying from cancer. COVID-19 reported deaths in the US (April 2020) are almost 50,000 – meaning that coronavirus was the second cause of death in the US.

Accidents are the cause of almost 14,000 monthly deaths while about 12,000 people die from a stroke every month.

Trump’s sarcastic recommendations during his daily coronavirus briefings may soon become a notable cause of death in the country. He has repeatedly encouraged people to rally the “opening of the country” leading to more infections and more deaths or promoted ineffective and probably dangerous drugs to treat COVID-19. His last effort to make it to that list was to publicly suggest “injecting” disinfectants to the body as a coronavirus treatment… because “It kills the virus in one minute”.

For example, a few hours after his briefing…

NY Daily News story (republished by DailyMail)
ABC news

sources: CDC / Worldometers (US) / NY Daily News (for US viewers) or Daily Mail

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