According to the data from CBS, almost 3,900 people in The Netherlands, die every month from cancer, while for 3,150 the cause of death is heart disease.

The next ones on the list are the respiratory diseases (1,170 per month) and deaths due to mental disorders (1,085).

COVID-19 deaths

During the last month (mid-March to mid-April) there were almost 3,500 reported deaths (due to COVID-19) meaning that coronavirus has already become the second cause of death in the country but there is also a reported excess of almost 2,400 deaths (during the last 4 weeks) as CBS has stated yesterday. Not every one of these deaths is caused by COVID-19 but surely a large portion of it has a strong connection with the coronavirus outbreak, given the time this excess is reported.

The table shows the monthly number of deaths:

Causes of deathMonthly data
Heart diseases3,150
Respiratory diseases1,170
Mental disorders1,085
Diseases of the nervous system748
Diseases of the digestive system394
Data from CBS & RIVM

Below you can find the interactive graph with the data:

The monthly data for all causes is from CBS (2018) and COVID-19 data is from RIVM

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